Dr. Payal Patel, PT, DPT, CAFS, CIDN

Co-Founder, Director of Physical Therapy


Payal is a sport based physical therapist, specializing in human performance. She graduated from Drexel University’s accelerated 3+3 program with a Bachelors in Health Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Payal specializes in the treatment of orthopedic, chronic pain and women’s health conditions as they relate to sport. Utilizing an integrative approach to rehabilitation allows for her to treat patients with a comprehensive model for optimized results. 

Payal has dedicated a large portion of her time to attending sport and performance based continuing education courses. She is constantly reaching for innovation while staying true to foundational concepts of human movement. Payal has advanced training from the Postural Restoration Institution, Functional Movement Systems, Integrative Dry Needling, and Joint and Soft Tissue Manipulation. 

To date, Payal has worked with athletes from the National Football League, Tier 1 Elite Hockey League, Professional Men’s and Women’s Figure Skating Association, and Professional Men’s Gymnastic Association. She has taken a special interest in minimizing athlete injury risk as well as rehabilitating injured athletes while reducing time away from sport.


Cody Plofker, FMS L2, USAW L1, FRCms

Co-Founder, Director of Performance


Cody is performance coach who specializes in helping athletes optimize their performance and adults get in the best shape of their life. He specializes in getting youth and high school athletes stronger, faster, more explosive, and resilient so that they can become better athletes on the field or court. He has worked with dozens of NFL and collegiate athletes who aspire to improve their performance on the field and make an impact at the next level. However, Cody also loves  helping adults who want to overcome setbacks and get in the best shape of their life.


Cody graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. He also attended Willamette University, where he was captain of the golf team for two years. After graduating, he competed in olympic weightlifting for two years.

Cody is best known for his work in getting collegiate football players ready for their combine or pro day. He has extensive knowledge in speed and agility training and power development. Cody has also taken extensive coursework through the Postural Restoration Institute, Functional Movement Systems, and Functional Range Conditioning which allows him to create an individualized program for every single athlete or client he works with. He believes that you can always find a way to workout in a safe and effective manner, despite what injuries an individual has had in the past with an individualized approach to performance training.