If there's one population that can't afford to be hurt, it's athletes.

Sports Physical Therapy can get you back in the game as quickly as possible.

If you’ve recently picked up a Sports Injury, or if you’ve been suffering with an injury for a while, it can be very tempting to pass it off as “nothing serious” and simply “put up with it” carrying on as best you can. 

Or, it can be very easy to get disheartened and end up feeling “stuck”, wondering if you’ll ever be able to get back to playing sport or keeping active like you used to…

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. In our Sports Physical Therapy Clinic, we see people going through this all the time. In fact, we see people living with sports or exercise related injuries in Lawrence / Princeton NJ, no matter what time of year...

I've spent years working with professional athletes in soccer, football, figure skating, gymnastics, etc. Through the years, I have found that the best, most effective way to manage any injury is to get athletes started on treatment the next day after injury. 

Don't wait. And don't assume resting will cure your injury. In fact, all rest tends to do is allow for more time for the injury to sink in and worsen. 

Here's a currently FREE video on the "6 MOST Overlooked Steps Injured Athletes Must Take To Get Back To Their Sport As Quickly As Possible." 

This video will give you step by step strategies on effective management of any athletic injury. All six steps are utilized by athletes in professional sports DAILY. All six steps are also backed completely by research. 

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If you've gotten this far, you probably already know you're in need of a Sports Physical Therapist to help you END your specific injury.


You may have already have already gone to a Doctor or Orthopedist who told you to rest and take time away from the game. Or maybe you went to a Physical Therapist who does not specialize in sports injuries and would like for you to do the same. 

However, being properly assessed by a Sports Specialist Physical Therapist is of highest importance if you value staying in the game without risking further injury. 

You need answers to questions, such as: 

How serious is my injury? 

How long will it take to completely get rid of this injury? 

Can I get my injury resolved while still playing through the season?

These are the type of questions which require a specialist's one-on-one consultation. At Adapt, we do not believe in charging you money for this consultation in order to get the answers you need.

Our 30 Minute Discovery Consultations are COMPLETELY, 100% FREE OF CHARGE. Everyone should know what is going on with their body in order to ALWAYS be in control. 

Your life is important. Don't let something that doesn't need to be an issue become your constant worry and struggle. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to give us a call at (609) 218-8003 now to ask any questions you still have, or to book your FREE Discovery Consultation over the phone. 

Hear From Others Who Have Ended Their Sports Injuries After Coming To ADAPT

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