Personal Training Giveaway Winner #3: Gaurav Gunjikar

Sweepstakes Winner #3 Is Gaurav Gunjikar.⁣

Another physical therapy client at Adapt, Gaurav used to be “yoked”. ⁣

After jobs, kids, and some injuries have gotten in the way, Gaurav hasn’t been able to train much and he’s nowhere near where it used to be.⁣

We’re on a mission to show everyone that you CAN get back into great shape if you’ve had a lengthy injury history.⁣

All it takes is smart training, listening to your body, and no ego. ⁣

Gaurav is going to do amazing things in these 8 weeks. ⁣

It’s actually a lot easier to get it back then get it in the first place.⁣

Usually the hardest part is trying to get back to where you were, so instead don’t focus on that and just get to where you want to be NOW.