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Our Customized Performance Training Programs Are Tailored To You!

No matter what your sport is, you need a program that is written just for you. Each athlete has different levels of speed and agility, mobility, strength, conditioning, flexibility, training history, and injury history. We'll call this where you are now, or Point A. 

We didn't even mention that each athlete needs a different combination of speed and agility, strength, power, and conditioning to become a better player based on their sport, position, playing style, etc. This is where we need to get to, aka point B. 

So how do you get from point A to point B?

We believe we've developed the perfect combination of assessments and training programs to truly identify where each athlete is when they come to us, where they need to go to excel at their sport, AND the most effective way to get them there. 

At Adapt, we follow a three step approach for all of our performance training programs to ensure every athlete gets exactly what they need to get to the next level.

1. Each athlete begins with an individualized performance assessment with one of our excellent coaches to determine where their unique speed and agility, power, strength, conditioning, and mobility levels are. We then analyze the results to come up with a plan to make YOU a better athlete.

2. Next, we build out an individualized and specific training program just for YOU. This program is based on each athlete's unique makeup in terms of speed, power, strength, conditioning, mobility/flexibility, and injury history. 

3. Finally, we deliver an excellent coaching experience to ensure every athlete is performing every exercise properly so they can maximize their time in the gym. 

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