Meet Our Team

Whether you came here looking for specialist advice to help you end pain and get back to doing what you love, lose weight and get stronger, or become a better athlete, you’ve come to the right place. Meet our team of experienced, passionate, and caring professionals who will be working with you every step along your journey.

Meet Our Physical Therapy Team.

Payal Patel

Payal is a physical therapist, director of physical therapy, and co-founder at Adapt Performance And Rehab. She has worked with professional athletes from professional football, hockey, and soccer as well as firefighters.

Payal currently focuses on helping active adults who desire to stay active and have been let down by previous physical therapy treatments, doctors, or other treatments. She has had her own back pain, which debilitated her as an athlete and active adults. Her struggles  led to her progressive style of treatment which she now uses to help active adults put their own injury struggles behind them so they can do what they love.

Payal believes all athletes and active adults should have the confidence in knowing that their bodies can stand up to any task and stay active without the worry of lingering injuries slowing them down.

Meet Our Performance Training Team

Cody Plofker

Cody is a performance coach, nutrition coach, and co-founder and director of performance at Adapt Performance And Rehab

He has successfully trained athletes and adults from all walks of life, but gets the most joy in helping busy adults take back control of their health so they can add more life to their years and be better role models for their families.

Cody Plofker believes that every adult can get and stay fit without diets or injuries slowing them down so they can live healthier and happier lives.

Cassie Stevens

Cassie is a Performance Coach and has worked as a personal trainer for a number of years before coming to Adapt. Cassie enjoys helping people succeed in any goal they may have and loves to see people progress as well as enjoy their workouts.

Cassie is certified through the NSCA and has a Bachelors in Sports and Health Science. Cassie recently began competing in weight lifting and has participated in sports for the majority of her life.

In her free time, she enjoys riding her horses, competing in weightlifting, and playing with her new dog.

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