Knee pain sucks. But we can help.

If you’ve been dealing with knee pain, whether it's chronic and you've had it for years, or it's a new injury and your pain is running high, it can be completely debilitating. It can affect your ability to walk, sit, stand, run, play sports, or possibly even sleep without pain. 

You may be thinking to yourself, it's just a bit of "wear and tear," and "it'll go away soon with rest", or it's because my parents also have bad knees.

However what you may not know is that knee pain is actually an indication that your ankle and hips aren't moving or stabilizing well. Without addressing these issues, your knee pain may never fully go away. 

At Adapt, we've helped countless people, just like you, end their knee pain and get back to living their active life. In fact, knee pain is one of THE most common injuries we see at our Physical Therapy clinic in Lawrence / Princeton NJ. 

You may have even gone to doctors in the past that have pushed resting for long periods of time, painful injections, medications, or even surgery on you. They may have sent you to a physical therapist who got your knee feeling better, but only to have the pain return when you resumed your active lifestyle. 

This does not mean your knee pain is hopeless. It just means you need a specialist, who understands how knees function in active individuals, to give you advice and properly treat your knee pain. 

Our other patients with knee issues tend to tell us that they are now held back from participating in activities which they love.

Playing tennis on the weekend with their friends, working out and lifting weights, doing yoga and pilates, hiking, playing pick up games with college friends, kicking around a soccer ball with your kids, etc...

Does this sound like you? 

That after months of dealing with it, even their ability to do simple everyday tasks well is declining. 

Sitting for long periods of time, getting up and down stairs, squatting down to pick up your children, etc. 

We know how terribly debilitating knee pain can be.

Therefore, we wrote a currently FREE report, including tips to show you exactly how you can take back control of your knee pain; end it entirely without needing to rest for weeks on end. 

Because lets face it, there's no way we can go about our lives without having to use our knees, so rest just isn't an option sometimes. 


You've come to this page because you're serious about getting help with YOUR specific knee pain.

You have ambitions of feeling young, staying healthy, keeping in shape, and remaining fully able for MANY years to come. 

You need answers for questions such as: 

"How and why my knee pain started...

... and why am I still suffering with knee pain after putting up with it for weeks/months?"


These are the type of questions which require a specialist's one-on-one consultation. At Adapt, we do not believe in charging you money for this consultation in order to get the answers you need.

Our 30 Minute Discovery Consultations are COMPLETELY, 100% FREE OF CHARGE. Everyone should know what is going on with their body in order to ALWAYS be in control. 

Your life is important. Don't let something that doesn't need to be an issue become your constant worry and struggle. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to give us a call at (609) 218-8003 now to ask any questions you still have, or to book your FREE Discovery Consultation over the phone.