If you’ve got hip or groin pain, it can make even the easiest of daily activities tough. Let alone working out, playing pick up football, running around with your kids, or getting through a full day of work. 

It’s very tempting to think that your hip pain is nothing, that it will go away on its own. You might pass it off as just a “strain”, or a bit of joint stiffness that can easily go away with some simple stretches and religious foam rolling... 

However, it may be weeks to months at this point and your pain just won't go away... 

If your hip pain is worsening, it may also be spreading into groin pain, back pain, or pelvic floor pain. You may start to hear clicking, popping, or crunchiness in your hip. Worse, you may start to get sharp, shooting, or burning pains. 

If this sounds like you, you're not alone. Hip health is very important, yet very often overlooked. Hips are meant to be very mobile and require considerable stability to function properly. At Adapt, we see these injuries often with our active clientele. 

Our other patients with hip pains tend to tell us that they are now held back from participating in activities which they love.

Playing tennis on the weekend with their friends, working out, doing yoga, playing pick up sports games, kicking around a soccer ball with their kids, etc...

Does this sound like you? 

That after months of dealing with it, even their ability to do simple everyday tasks well is declining. 

Sitting for long periods of time, walking tall without hunching over, squatting down to pick your children off the ground, going to the bathroom, etc. 

Because we understand how debilitating hip/groin pain can be...

... and we know you need answers quickly to get down to the root cause of your pain...

... we wrote a currently FREE report for you in order to help you determine the root cause of your hip/groin pain, understand exactly where your symptoms are coming, how serious of an issue it is or is not,  and what to do about it. 

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You've come to this page because you're serious about getting help with YOUR specific hip pain.


You have ambitions of feeling young, staying healthy, keeping in shape, and remaining fully able for MANY years to come. 

If avoidable, you have no desire to undergo any combination of heavy pain medications, painful injections, or surgery in the future. 

You need answers for questions such as: 

"How and why my hip pain started...

... why is this happening to me...

... and why am I still suffering with hip pain after putting up with it for weeks/months?"

These are the type of questions which require a specialist's one-on-one consultation. At Adapt, we do not believe in charging you money for this consultation in order to get the answers you need.

Our 30 Minute Discovery Consultations are COMPLETELY, 100% FREE OF CHARGE. Everyone should know what is going on with their body in order to ALWAYS be in control. 


Your life is important. Don't let something that doesn't need to be an issue become your constant worry and struggle. 


Still have questions?

Feel free to give us a call at (609) 218-8003 now to ask any questions you still have, or to book your FREE Discovery Consultation over the phone. 

Hear From Some Others Who Have Ended Their Hip And Groin Pain After Suffering For Years

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