Do You Want To Become A Better Football Player?

Football is, without a doubt, the most important sport to train for. 

Some other sports can get away with only playing their sport, but not football players.

After all, football is an extremely explosive sport. You need extremely high levels of speed, power, and strength to be a great football player. 

However, not only do you have to be fast, explosive, powerful, and strong but you need the ability to maintain this explosiveness for four quarters. 

What good is being explosive in the first quarter when you can't run as fast and tackle as hard in the fourth quarter when it might really matter?

Each position needs a slightly different blend of qualities. As you get closer to the ball, you require more strength and raw power. Think of yourself as an F-150. As you get further out from the ball, you need much more absolute speed and quickness.

While those two qualities are enough to train for on their own, positions in the middle like linebackers, some halfbacks, fullbacks, and tight ends need extremely impressive levels of both strength AND speed!

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In addition, every single football player needs muscle to serve as a form of "body armor" to protect you from the beating you will place on your body from hits. 

(In fact, we wrote a currently FREE report for you to show you how you can become faster, more agile, powerful, AND stronger for your specific position so you can become a better football player)


So how do you balance all of the physical demands of football so you can become more explosive, athletic, AND have the endurance and stamina to maintain your explosiveness for four quarters?

We believe we've developed the perfect combination of assessments and training programs to truly make the best football players in Mercer County.

At Adapt, we follow a three step approach for all of our football performance training programs.

1. Each athlete begins with an individualized performance assessment with one of our excellent coaches to determine where their unique speed, agility, power, strength, conditioning, and mobility levels are. We then analyze the results to come up with a plan to make YOU a better football player. 

2. Next, we build out an individualized football specific training program just for YOU. This program is based on each athlete's unique makeup in terms of speed, power, strength, conditioning, mobility/flexibility, and injury history. 

3. Finally, we deliver an excellent coaching experience to ensure every football player is performing every exercise properly so they can maximize their time in the gym. 

The best part is, this comprehensive assessment is currently FREE to you. If you want to learn how you can become a better football player instantly, SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE ASSESSMENT.

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