How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain And Enjoy The Holidays


It's no secret that most people end up putting on a few pounds over the holidays. There's good food, holiday parties with booze, sugary treats, and no time to exercise. Temptations are everywhere  and it can be so easy to just throw caution to the wind and say "I'll start dieting in January."

Lets Be Honest, How Has This Strategy Worked For You In The Past?


Probably not so well. We've all been there. Maybe you start with the best intentions of avoiding the sweets and sticking to your diet, but you have one drink, then another, and before you know it you've eaten 6 cookies. You feel all hope is lost, so you do the same thing the next day, and the next. This process goes on until New Years, where maybe you're lucky to turn things around then. 

I want to assure you that you have a better, guilt free option that will allow you to enjoy the holidays while also avoiding or minimizing holiday weight gain. 

We've been there ourselves, so we put together our best tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain while still enjoying the holidays.

 1. Eat The Cookies...Without Guilt 

Our first tip is really more about minimizing holiday weight gain than avoiding it entirely. However, this strategy and overall mindset shift can be the difference between increasing a pant size over the holidays versus feeling unchanged come January. We need to shift from a black and white mindset of good versus bad and to a more flexible, moderation mindset.

If you go into the holidays deadset against having any cookies, cake, sugary drinks, etc; then you are doomed to fail. The best case scenario is that you will "stay strong" and hold out on sweets at every holiday party, but you will feel stressed and will be missing out on enjoying yourself. You might not gain weight, but you also won't gain any enjoyment from the holidays. The holidays should be a great time with friends and family, not spent stressed out from counting calories or desperately avoiding looking at the sweet section. 

And that was the best case scenario. Chances are you will have that cookie, cake, etc that you've been trying to hard to avoid. When you do have it, because 99% of us will have a cookie, then all hell breaks loose. You've associated eating it with feeling bad and guilty, so guess what happens when you eat it?

That's right, you instantly feel guilty. However, this guilt doesn't make you stop eating them. Because you have this black and white mentality, and you've been depriving yourself until now, you don't stop at 1. Today becomes a cheat day, and before you know it you've had 4 cookies, 2 brownies, 1 slice of pie, and you can;t even enjoy it.

The better solution? 

Tell yourself that it is perfectly acceptable to eat cookie or two. Enjoy it, and then move on. No guilt needed.


2. Manage Stress Levels

The holidays can be the greatest time of year, but they can also be the most stressful weeks too. You have end of the year deadlines at work, shopping in busy malls, cooking and hosting holiday parties, in-laws to entertain, and more. Without changing any other behaviors, stress can lead to fat gain itself. In addition, feeling extra stressed usually leads to eating more of those delicious treats than you really need. 

The solution? Work to manage stress. While we don't necessarily recommend starting a new habit this time of year, find a way to manage your stress. This will be very individual to you, so find what works for you. Some people love reading, meditating, walking, or exercising. Whatever it is, find what works for you! Eating cookies and cake might help ease stress in the moment, but won't help you with your goals long term. 

3. Don't Wait Until January To Start Working Out Again

This is another very common mistake that people make, and it is usually goes along with the above point. We get it. This is an extremely busy and stressful time of year for everybody. As a result, it's so easy to put your health on hold until the New Year. You keep telling yourself that you will have so much more time and motivation in January. Guess what? You probably wont!

If you tell yourself that you are waiting until January to start, you'll probably do the same as point 1. You're starting work out and eat right in January for good, so you have to enjoy it while you can. You stop working out the final two weeks of December, and your diet goes off the rails. 

The problem is that this makes your transformation in January so much harder. Instead of gaining 1 to 2 pounds, which can easily be water, you now gain 5-10 pounds over the holidays. 

So the solution is simple. It's actually the same as above. Stop thinking in this black and while, perfect or nothing mindset. Instead, do what you can. Can't get to the gym because your in laws are there, or you have to cook or get gifts? Instead, do a very quick workout at home. In just 15-20 minutes, you can burn calories, feel good, and maintain your habits so you don't feel like you're off the rails again. 

If you can get to the gym as normal, that's great. But if you can't, do what you can. You'll be thanking yourself come January. 

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