Are You Likely To Re-Sprain Your Ankle Next Season?

Did You Know?

Ankle Sprains account for 25% of all sports-related injuries.

The peak incidence of ankle sprains occurs between ages 15 – 19.

22% of athletes that end up in the Emergency Room are there for severe ankle sprains.

A history of ankle sprain is the highest rate risk factor to experiencing a future ankle sprain.


How Do Ankle Sprains Occur?

Ankle sprains are also referred to as a rolled ankle (rolling your ankle). They occur when you plant your foot in the ground with poor contact, causing your ankle to twist either inward or outward.

More often than not, they start off minor. In mild ankle sprains, symptoms may last for about 1 week. You may feel off balance, experience an immediate shock of pain and lingering soreness, and possibly swelling/inflammation. After a brief rest period the pain may go away. 

However, if the force is great enough, and we are unable to control the motion properly, we are likely to end up with severe injuries that can often become season ending. A simple ankle sprain could then become an ankle dislocation or fracture. 


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Side Note: If you've recently sprained your ankle and are looking for the BEST way to manage swelling, pain, inflammation, loss of motion, loss of strength, and loss of balance... 

Check out our FREE video tutorial for an exact step-by-step guide on managing your injury and quickly getting back to your sport/lifestyle. 



Mild To Severe Ankle Sprains

Any athlete with a history of ankle sprains will tell you that each subsequent ankle sprain has been more severe than the previous.

Why is it that ankle sprains get more and more severe each time you sustain one?

Are we just waiting on a huge, full-blown ankle injury, landing us in the hospital like the 22% of other athletes that end up there? (Not if we have anything to do about it...) 

If you've recently sustained an ankle sprain, find yourself having multiple of them, or are worried about sustaining another ankle sprain in the future, come see us for a FREE consultation. 

During the free consult, we'll go over exactly where your ankle's strengths and limitations are AND what to do to address the issues.