How To Create Power Through Rotation

We work with many athletes in the Princeton, Lawrence, and Hamilton area who need to increase their speed, agility, and power to get better at lacrosse and baseball.

Many of these athletes need to rely on rotation to generate their power. 

Unfortunately, they have no idea how to actually rotate well...


The end up swaying side to side instead of rotating though their hips, or they just find the rotation from their spine instead.

This leads to torn up backs and weak shots and throws, neither of which will help you play at the next level. 


"Lacrosse and baseball players need to rotate to create their power, yet we see that so many high school athletes don't know how to rotate properly through their hips, which ends up putting pressure in the wrong areas"

You see, the body was designed to derive most of the rotation from the hips and upper torso, yet most people end up getting the rotation through their lower back. 

This ends up putting a lot of strain on the lower back at worst, and robs you of power and athleticism at best.  

Watch This Video If You Want To Learn How To Throw and Shoot Harder, Without Feeling Anything In Your Back

Main Takeaways

1. The rotation NEEDS to come from the hips, not the back!

2. When you load, you need to stack your head over your hips, over your toe. Letting the head drift outside robs you of power

3. You then have to unwind and drive out of the loaded hip, while driving into the front leg

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