Introducing Adapt Performance and Rehab’s First Ever Speed and Agility Academy

Need to get ready for pre-season or tryouts for a fall sport?

Want to build a foundation of athletic development to increase sports performance?

Want to prevent injuries?


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Then look no further than our brand new Speed and Agility Academy!

This program will focus on building the skills necessary to outrun and beat your competition. We’ve all heard the saying “speed kills” and it is true. However, speed for field sports is about much more than just running in a straight line. In order to excel in field sports, an athlete must master the skills of running in a straight line, transitioning between straight and lateral movements, cutting, changing directions, blending all of these skills, and more.

Just as athletes need to take the time to refine the skills of their sport, they also need to take the time to develop and refine the skills necessary for athletic speed and agility development to beat the competition and prevent injury.


The Speed and Agility Academy focuses on:

  •     Foundations of Linear Acceleration and Maximum Velocity Sprinting

  •     Agility and Change of Direction Mechanics

  •     Learning proper jump and landing mechanics to prevent ACL injuries and improve power development

  •      Fostering a competitive environment to bring the best out of every athlete

  •     Reactionary drills to improve reaction time and transfer from training to game situations


July 17th - August 4th

Monday and Wednesday nights

Split into Youth Athletes (8-12 years old) and Middle School and High School Athletes (13+)

Session Times


Youth Athletes: 6:30-7:15

Middle and High School Athletes: 7:15-8:15


Youth Athletes: 7:30-8:15

Middle and High School Athletes: 8:15-9:15


8 total sessions. Drop in rates available. SESsions will be Located on the turf at Centercourt of Lawrence


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