3 Reasons You Keep Getting Hurt In The Gym

And 3 quick fixes you can make to make sure you never get hurt working out again. 

Most of you have probably thought to yourself “Why do I keep getting hurt in the gym?” and have struggled to find ways that you can continue to workout to get the body of your dreams without becoming reliant on advil for that sore back or shoulder.

I know it can be very frustrating because you are motivated and you really want to workout consistently, but you have nagging injuries that are holding you back. You feel ok, but once you start going to the gym and pushing it again they always flare up, leaving you with the dreaded cycle or working out, taking advil for as long as you can, only until it becomes too much to handle.

By now you might even be thinking that there is no way for you to workout to get the body of your dreams without getting hurt, so you’ve thinking about giving up.

I wrote this blog for YOU so you can learn why you keep getting hurt in the gym, and what you can do today to make sure you stay healthy so you can continue to workout to get the body of your dreams.



Mistake #1. Progressing Too Much, Too Soon

In the beginning, you can make progress really quickly. Your body is receiving all these new signals, so it is not uncommon to be able to lift 10-15 more pounds, or do 2 to 5 more reps each week. Your muscles will be getting bigger and your nervous system gets stronger, but there’s a problem. Your connective tissues, like your tendons and ligaments, cannot adapt as quickly. As a result of progressing so quickly, you make a lot of progress in the beginning, but you end up with tendinitis, sore joints, or tight, guarding muscles in a few weeks time.

The fix is just to progress slightly slower. I know you’re motivated right now and eager to put those 20 more pounds on the bar, but think about this for a second. If you added 2.5 pounds to your bench press every week, where would you be in a year? Or if you could add 1 rep every week, where would you be in a year?

You might be able to progress faster NOW, but you will not be able to keep it up a year from now. I promise you, because I’ve been there.



Mistake #2. Not Learning How To Move Well First

 Another HUGE mistake most people make is attempting to get stronger and better conditioned BEFORE they move well. You have to work hard and stress your body to get stronger and fitter, but you also have to have proper technique to stress the right muscles and joints properly. If you don’t have proper technique, which includes having the right mobility and stability, then you will hurt yourself by overloading muscles or joints. For example, if you try to get stronger in the squat without enough hip mobility, you will probably hurt your back. If you try to deadlift without first learning to stabilize your spine and move through your hips, same thing.

The fix is to first learn and work in improving good technique in your movements before you try to put more weight on the bar on do more reps in a workout. Make sure you have enough mobility in your hips, ankles, and shoulders first, and then work on practicing with your bodyweight or a light weight before getting under the barbell.



Mistake #3. Thinking More Is Better

 When you’re motivated in the beginning, you can always do more. You can go to the gym more times in a week, spend longer there, and make great progress. However, you will eventually plateau. Even if you don’t get hurt, which you probably will, your progress will stall. You’ll not longer be gaining muscle and losing fat because you have overworked your body. Your body needs the proper recovery to heal and adapt to a new level between workouts, and you’re not giving it the time it needs.

Think “More is not better, better is better.” Instead of always trying to do more, try these strategies to make sure you improve your fitness WITHOUT getting hurt:

·      Spend no more than 1 hour in the gym at a time

·      Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night

·      Improve your nutrition. Are you eating enough to support your workouts?

·      Take a rest day or two each week!

Slow and steady isn’t sexy, but it will leave you with a far fitter body than if you were to go all out and progress far too quickly beyond your means. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, you have to be smart about it this time so you can stay healthy to continue working out weak after weak.


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