We Help Athletes And Active Adults Improve Fitness And Sports Performance, End Pain, And Get Back To Doing What They Love


At Adapt Performance And Rehab, we love to help athletes and active adults live their best life. For some of our clients, this means more speed and power on the lacrosse field. For others, it is the ability to play golf with buddies or enjoy a hike with their family without aches and pains. For others, it's the ability to workout and get in the best shape of their life without all of the constant pains and injuries that usually accompany it.

What We Do

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists will get to the root cause of your pain so you can get back to your sport or active lifestyle and stay there. If you've ever been told to "just rest" by a doctor, only to have that pain come right back, maybe even worse than before, when you got back to your sport of active lifestyle? Or worse, have you ever been told that just  you should just stop doing what it is you enjoy just because it's currently hurting? Have you been told to get injections or take daily pain meds? There is a better option.

Sports Performance Training

Our sports performance coaches specialize in helping good athletes become great athletes. So many athletes have great technical skills, but are prevented from reaching their potential because they don't have the physical capabilities to get there. We help middle school, high school, and college athletes get faster, more agile, stronger, and more explosive so they can become the athlete they want to become.

Adult Performance Training

Our performance coaches can help you get in great shape, even if you've had injuries in the past. Have you tried to workout, but keep getting injured or achy when you do? Or do you just need some guidance and motivation from a coach, and accountability from our awesome atmosphere? 

Who We Help 

We give athletes and active adults the BEST help, advice, and care to keep them pain free, active, fit, and performing at very high levels in their sports. 

People Who Come To Us Include:

  • High School Athletes: Who want to make their varsity team, get more playing time, and dominate the competition. 
  • Active Dads: Who know that living with pain isn't normal, and they want enough energy to get through the day so they can enjoy golf with their buddies.
  • Busy Moms: Who want to look better, feel better, have more confidence, and avoid or put an end to pain that stops them from taking care of their family.
  • Middle School Athletes: Who know that they need to get faster, stronger, and quicker if they are going to get playing time and stay competitive at the next level in high school.
  • Active Adults: Who love to stay active by running, doing yoga, lifting, hiking, playing flag football, golfing, Crossfit, and more. Nothing slows them down, so they know that to stay active and not miss a beat, they need someone who understands their lifestyle and can help them keep it going. 
  • College Athletes: Who desire to to play at the highest level, and know they need nothing but the best help and coaching to get that extra edge to realize their dreams.


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